Easily include a knowledge check assessment on a SharePoint page with the Page Viewer Web Part

You might think that putting an assessment in Microsoft SharePoint is something that requires technical knowledge, but SharePoint is an end-user tool for creating websites. So adding an assessment onto a page is really, really easy. In fact it genuinely just takes a minute.

To add an assessment, you need to know its URL, which is the same as you’d type into the browser to access the assessment. The assessment also needs to be frame friendly, so that it will autosize to fit the SharePoint window it’s put in. Almost all Questionmark Perception version 5 assessments will autosize into SharePoint, and you may be able to use assessments from other places.

For example, this is a URL to a Questionmark Perception quiz on embedding assessments : https://ondemand.questionmark.com/tryout/delivery/open.php?name=demo&session=8011969456495663. As you can see, if you click on this or copy and paste it to your browser, it will open the assessment full screen. [For those of  you interested, the  syntax here is Perception URL followed by ?name=xxx&session=yyy where xxx is the name and yyy is the assessment ID; other systems will generate URLs in different ways.] In this example, I’m using a generic name, but it’s possible to pass through the SharePoint name as I’ll show in later blog articles.

Here are the steps to include this assessment on a SharePoint 2010 page (it’s almost the same in SharePoint 2007):

  1. Look for the Site Actions image button.
  2. Click on it and select Edit Page.
  3. Click on one of the places on the page which says Add a web part, if your page has rich text, this is on the Insert tab in the ribbon.
  4. Scroll to choose and Add the Page Viewer Web Part, this is usually under Media and Content.Page Viewer Selectionpage viewer 2010
  5. This puts a blank web part on your page, click on “open the tool pane” to see a dialog that allows you to configure the assessment.
  6. Paste in your URL to the link
  7. Optionally set a title for the page, e.g. “Knowledge Check”
  8. SharePoint will autosize the assessment for you, but if you want to set it yourself, put in values, for instance 300 pixels height and 300 pixels width
  9. Exit edit mode or stop editing


That’s it! This will create an assessment on your page. It uses the Page Viewer web part, which puts the assessment as an iframe on the SharePoint page.

This is great for when you have a page which imparts information, and you want to add a knowledge check to reinforce learning. Or if you are using SharePoint for blogging and you want to include a quiz to check people get it.

People who take the quiz can see their feedback, and you can look at the amalgamated results and see where people are strong and weak, and potentially update to correct misconceptions.

Here is a screenshot of an assessment on a SharePoint 2010 page.

embed assessment sharepoint 2010

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