Ten companies who publicize they use SharePoint for corporate training

I thought it might be interesting to pull together information on some companies who’ve gone public with their use of SharePoint for corporate training. Here are ten examples of companies,  all gathered from public information on the Internet:

  • British Telecom, a large UK telecommunications company, started a Dare2Share project using SharePoint to encourage its employees to share and learn.
  • Citibank use many other systems for internal training, but also use SharePoint.
  • Citrix, the global virtual computing IT company, use SharePoint to support their new hire and other training.
  • Eni, an Italian multinational energy company, has deployed SharePoint as a knowledge management system which is helping make communities of practice and improving its learning culture.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration uses SharePoint to make safety training animations.
  • Microsoft unsurprisingly Microsoft use SharePoint internally for many learning and training needs.
  • MillerCoors, the US beer company, have moved some of their training from classroom training to online training powered by SharePoint, and achieved significant cost savings.
  • National Australia Bank is one of Australia’s largest financial institutions. It uses SharePoint to power its internal “Academy”, its internal vehicle for learning and personal development.
  • Telus is a huge Canadian telecommunications company that decided to invest more in social learning and have used SharePoint 2010 to make this happen.
  • Tomtom, the GPS company, have used SharePoint for a social learning portal and platform.From wikipedia (Uwe Kils)


Most companies don’t go public with what software they use internally, so this gives me an excuse to use his beautiful graphic – those that are public are just the tip of the iceberg, with so many more using it and not talking about it.

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  1. sreekanth says:

    hi its very nice & useful

  2. wonder if we have any data on companies using sharepoint in australia?

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  4. Cathi says:

    Wondering if anyone uses Sharepoint to route engineering requests and or requisitions in their companies to their supply chain department?

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