Want to use Office 365 for learning? Four ways to use assessments within Office 365

With Office 365 launched this week, here are four easy ways to include an assessment – quiz, test, exam or survey – within Office 365. These methods all work with SharePoint Online, the SharePoint component of Office 365.

1. Use a SharePoint survey

Example question

SharePoint has a native survey capability. You can easily create learning evaluation or other surveys for your colleagues or learners to answer.

Creating a SharePoint survey is really easy – it’s simply one of the options when you create a new List in SharePoint as shown in the screenshot below.

Creating a Survey in SharePoint (Office 365)

2. Embed a knowledge check or other quiz or test within SharePoint

Although SharePoint allows surveys natively, it doesn’t have an inbuilt capability to create and deliver quizzes and tests, so you’ll need an associated program to do this. Several programs let you do this, including Questionmark Perception. The easiest way to include an assessment inside SharePoint is using the Page Viewer web part, which takes a few simple steps to include an assessment on any SharePoint page.

See my post “Easily include a knowledge check assessment on a SharePoint page with the Page Viewer Web Part” for instructions on how to do this. See the screenshot below for an illustration of Learning Content on the left and a Knowledge Check on the right.

Office 365 screenshot showing knowledge check

3. Include an assessment on your Office 365 public website

Associated with SharePoint within Office 365 is the public website, which lets you create a simple, public face of your organization. The public website is SharePoint-like but different. See my  post “How to put an assessment in your Office 365 SharePoint Online Public Website” for how to embed a quiz or survey on a public Office 365 website.

Office 365 screenshot public website

4. Use a custom list to ask for information

SharePoint lists let you collate many kinds of information together, you can easily use them to create forms that people fill in – for a skill survey, for comments on learning or for many other information gathering purposes. Here for example is an illustration form (created using out of the box Office 365 List capability in literally 5 minutes) to capture comments on a learning programme:

Example SharePoint list form in Office 365 

I’ve been playing with the beta of Office 365 and am very impressed – almost all the power of SharePoint and Exchange without the work involved installing and managing it. I’ll keep you posted on my experience using the production version and more on how to use assessments on it. I’d also love to hear from others using Office 365 for learning and assessment.

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7 Responses to Want to use Office 365 for learning? Four ways to use assessments within Office 365

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  3. Ash says:

    On “4. Use a custom list to ask for information” can you tell us how to publish such list on the website if you need to gather information from potential customers.

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  5. Louise says:

    I am a teacher and am interested in a quiz or survey tool that I can use in classrooms. Ideally I would like to set questions (eg. multiple choice) that the students access from their own computer, that give the students instant feedback (ie. whether the students got the question correct / incorrect)

    does this facility exist?


    • johnkleeman says:

      SharePoint has a reasonable survey capability embedded inside it.
      SharePoint does NOT have a quiz capability. To use quizzes with SharePoint, you will need an external tool that can be called from SharePoint. It is possible to call many quiz systems from SharePoint embedded as a web part.

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