SharePoint Strong for Showing Student Scores?

A common use of SharePoint is to let students/candidates log into SharePoint to find out their scores/grades from tests and exams.

In schools and colleges, students (and parents) see their own results, and teachers see results from their class. And awarding bodies let candidates and other stakeholders see exam results. In a corporate context, candidates can see their own results and managers can see results from their department. Where organizations have more complex needs, e.g. hierarchies of permissions in school districts or a large corporation, if you can define these in SharePoint, then they can flow down easily into who can see which results.

This is a sufficiently common application that Microsoft even have a knowledgebase article explaining how to Show student grades online. Several other organizations have shared how they do this, with screenshots, here are a few examples:

  • Esher College have used SharePoint to do this as part of their college website, see here for details and screenshots.
  • Microsoft have recently published a case study with lots of screenshots showing how the City of London School for Girls use SharePoint including for giving out reports and exam results
  • Twynham School, famous pioneers of SharePoint in education (and where my previous interviewee, Dave Coleman works) have developed online reporting web parts to do this
  • Or in the US, Houston County School System have a system which shows grades via SharePoint – see here for a good description with screenshots.

A particularly interesting screenshot is from the City of London School for Girls (see here for larger image), which shows the report production process – reports go through a workflow with more than one teacher, and color coded flags show progress in each class.

Example screen shot from the school's portal site

Reporting exam results seems to play to SharePoint strengths:

  • Business intelligence including connections to database and good information display
  • Differential security so showing the right results to the right people
  • Workflow, so that if you want to process results prior to release, it can be done without code
  • All easy to build into a website that can also present other information or allow collaboration

If you’re using SharePoint in education or training, then sharing results via it seems an easy “win”.

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