Seven SharePoint Assessment Slideshares

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a presentation shared on Slideshare must be worth quite a few blog articles! 

Here are seven Slideshare presentations that you may not have seen. All are relevant to the theme of SharePoint and Assessments.

1. Don’t let your training fall off a cliff

I love this presentation from John Lightfoot which talks about how SharePoint can be used to improve the benefits of training by keeping learners engaged and helping them on the job after training. See or below:


2. SharePoint in Higher Education

This presentation by James Lappin dates back to 2009 but has some different thoughts on the use of SharePoint in Higher Education, much of it still relevant and some neat drawings.



3. Decommissioning the University VLE: Using SharePoint to Engage with Students

This presentation delivered at the International SharePoint Conference in London earlier this year is by David Coleman (see my 2011 interview with him) and Alex Bradbeer, about a university moving from Blackboard to SharePoint.

See or below:



4. Measuring social learning in SharePoint with Assessments

This is my presentation on using SharePoint to measure social learning with assessments at the European SharePoint Conference last year.  See or below:


5. Office 365 for education

There are lots of presentations on Office 365 on SlideShare, many of them marketing ones from Microsoft. This presentation from MVP Alex Pearce has some interesting screenshots and examples of use. See or below:


6. 10 best SharePoint features you’ve never used but should

I met Christian Buckley at the European SharePoint Conference last year, and he’s both expert at SharePoint and good at speaking. This presentation describes 10 features of standard SharePoint that many of us are not familiar with. See or below:



7. Assess to Comply: how else can you be sure that employees understand?

Last but not I hope least, here is a presentation I gave earlier in October at the Ethics & Compliance Officer Association’s (ECOA) Annual Ethics & Compliance Conference in St Louis, Missouri. This may interest anyone involved in compliance issues within SharePoint or elsewhere, it’s titled: “Assess to comply: how else can you be sure that employees understand?”. See or below:


I hope you enjoyed these presentations, and at least one gave you some new ideas or insight.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Christian Buckley did a great job putting together the “10 best SharePoint features you’ve never used but should”. A nice mix of fact and humour.

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